Bold parts are mandatory
Italic parts are optional
| = OR (choose between the left or the right part of it)

  • /difficulty help - Displays help for the plugin. (lists commands and their descriptions)

Requires permission: ''

  • /difficulty - Displays the difficulty of the world you are in or all if used from console

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.check'

  • /difficulty check <World | all> - Displays difficulty of 'World' or all worlds.

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.check'
Example: /difficulty check all - Lists all worlds with their difficulties.

  • /difficulty <change | set> World difficulty - Change difficulty of world (or the world you are currently in) to difficulty

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.change'
Example: /difficulty set hard - Changes difficulty of the world you are in to 'hard'

  • /difficulty reload - Reloads the config file. (Monsters will be healed)

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.reload'

  • /difficulty performance - Counts the time required for each feature, use this if you think the plugin is causing lag and to find out which part of it.

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.performance'

Region Commands

These start with /difficulty region | Replace with a command below:

  • help - Displays region help.

Requires permission: ''

  • <set | change> World Region Difficulty- Changes difficulty of Region on world World to Difficulty(or the one you are currently in if none specified) to difficutly

Requires permission: 'CustomDifficulty.region.set'
Example: /difficulty region set TestRegion MyDifficulty - changes difficulty of region 'TestRegion' on your current world to 'MyDifficulty'

  • info World Region - Displays information about Region on world World

Example: /difficulty region info TestRegion

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