Frequently Asked Questions

xxx doesn't work, why?

  • Make sure the plugin was able to load properly (check the log on startup for errors) or try to use the command '/difficulty'.
  • Make sure you set valid difficulties for your world(s). Use '/difficulty' or '/difficulty WorldName' to find out.

Mobs don't spawn, any idea why?

  • Check if the world has a valid difficulty. Use '/difficulty' or '/difficulty WorldName' to find out.
  • Make sure none of the limits is reached (server's mob limit, server's natural mob limit, world's mob limit, world's natural mob limit).
    You can use WorldGuards command /butcher to kill all mobs an see if the problem persists.
  • Check spawning conditions in your difficulty.yml files. (spawn height, light level, spawnOnlyOn, SpawnNotOn, etc)
  • Make sure spawnInterval isn't set to something too high. (It should probably be between 1 and 100; 20 = 1 second)
  • Maybe another plugin is interfering?

I created a region with another difficulty, but it doesn't work. What can I do?

  • Enable the 'useRegion'-nodes inside the config.yml for your world(s)
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